12 People you Love, by Roy Ice
The world is no longer calibrated for the way we do evangelism. Learn a new and exciting way to launch your entire congregation into active discipleship evangelism. You will hear how this paradigm-shifting curriculum has had miraculous results in the real world and how it might just be the timely approach to energize your congregations too.

Branding your Church: 5 Smooth Stones, Ray Tetz
How do you effectively market your ministry, creating a distinctive “brand” for your members, visitors, and community? Learn how just five marketing essentials can be used to enhance your ministry activities and yield greater effectiveness and impact.

Build Community Relationships, by Dennis Seaton
Seek to empower people at the grassroots level in churches and community.

Church in Your Zip Code, by Mandy Shultz, Steve Hemenway, Vadim Dementyev, Otis Coutsoumpos
Each church is located in a specific zip code with needs unique to that community.  This workshop aims to give you and your church ideas and resources that will help you assess your community’s needs and address these concerns in helpful and collaborative ways.

Diabetes Undone, by Dr. Wes Youngberg
Churches all over the country are using “Diabetes Undone” as their primary community health outreach program. Anyone can run this program! All that is needed is a small team of caring church members who can facilitate the program. No medical expertise is needed as the professionally filmed video clips provide step by step strategies from Dr. Youngberg on how to prevent and even reverse type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes thus helping individuals and families dramatically improve their health. The program is typically run once a week for 8 weeks. It is low cost and does not require certification training for leaders. All the promotional and program materials are provided. Come learn how your church can become a center for health and healing in your community.

The Connecting Blueprint, by Joelle Reuer
Discover successful methods to transform your congregation into a healthy, thriving community, that weaves its members into the life of the church.

Prayer Strategies for the Harvest of Souls, by Lynn & Karen Martell
This workshop is designed to provide practical prayer strategies for soul winning that will accomplish God’s purpose for this generation - the greatest harvest of souls that the world has ever seen.  Be empowered to pray and compelled to ask.

Event Evangelism, by Scott Hunter
How to successfully set up and operate an Event Evangelism booth.

From VBX and Beyond, by Manuel Vitug
This workshop will share practical ideas on how to extend the impact of your VBX(S) beyond the one week program. Using the current program that you may already have and exploring alternative programs that may be used to keep connected with the families that visit from your community. We will also explore how to revamp your Sabbath School program to be used as an extended VBX program to keep the kids excited and coming to your church each week.

Getting plugged in, by Wade Forde
Have you ever thought of planning a baby shower for your entire community? A conversation about getting connected to your community for great impact!

How To Effectively Give Bible Studies, by Elizer Sacay
This provides simplified and practical ways on how to prepare the materials, effectively present Bible truths, forestall/handle objections and
get decisions.

How to effectively use Social Media Ministry, by Brian & Marcia Meert
Learn the latest tips and tools for ministry on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Snapchat. Get all your social media questions answered by Brian Meert, CEO of AdvertiseMint, the leading agency specializing in Facebook advertising and author of Amazon Best Seller, The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising. Marcia Meert has worked with celebrities like Lady Gaga, Robin Thick, Eminem and now manages all marketing at The Blink Bar.  

How to Organize a Free Medical Clinic, by Kazar Ackerman
Learn how to organize a free outreach medical clinic at your church.   We will explore some models of organizing a free clinic as well as the necessary steps and requirements needed to have a successful outcome.

Intentional Evangelism, by Robert Edwards
How to plan year round evangelism on the local church level.

Known & Called, by Tara VinCross
In ministering, many times we mistakenly believe that in order to live evangelistically, we must do things outside of our personality and giftedness. Yet Psalm 139 cries out, “You have searched me and you know me... I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” God made you and has given you unique gifts. You are known and called for a purpose. God has always partnered with ordinary people to do extraordinary things. You are invited to join this interactive workshop and take steps to discover more of who you are and how God desires to share the good news through you. Be sure to bring your notebook, Bible and a pen to fully participate.

Life Together: Experiencing Christ in Community, by Miguel Mendez
This workshop is designed to code small groups into the DNA of your church. A recent Barna study noted that only one out of six adults is involved in a group or relational process designed to help them grow spiritually. Our time together will provide a framework for us to shift our congregations from reviewers to proactive ministers.

Literature Evangelism 101: How God Uses Ordinary People, by Teddy Knapp, Eric Isaia
Learn about an exciting initiative that empowers the local church and its members to share literature to everyone, everywhere, and at every time. This ministry enables members of all ages to incorporate a simple yet effective method of evangelism into their everyday life.

Mission to Our Missing Members - (2 part workshop), by Gary Taber
Most SDA churches have more members MIA than those attending regularly. This is a long standing problem. How can we more effectively reach out to members who no longer fellowship, worship or have a connection with us? This will be an interactive workshop. Come open to the Holy Spirit’s leading, your creative, brainstorming ideas and a desire to reach out in love.

My Community/God’s Community, by Caleb Jara, Barbara Bolivar
When you come to this workshop you will be trained, inspired and equipped to follow Jesus into the community where He is already at work. You will receive resources and be challenged to connect with your community using the three most effective and functional methods at present time in our territory.

Outside the Box, by Natasha Richards
Public university campus ministry is an open mission field, that you have to be knowledgeable and ready for at all times. Let’s take a journey into how we can “Reach the Campus and Change the World,” with every person we meet.

Prophecy Seminar, by Barbara Schneider, Moises Ortiz, Diana Faulter, Anna Mae Crowder
These prophecy seminars are easily presented by local lay members, elders as well as pastors.  These low cost seminars are inductively taught allowing participants of different backgrounds to learn and discuss bible truths through study and interactive participation.

Reaching Out with an Apron, by Ledy Ann Cordero
Join in this cooking demo on how to present a healthy dish to your neighbor. The Adventist health message, when done right, is a powerful tool that can win over an unwholesome lifestyle of a neighbor or community. Presented by Ledy Ann, a graduate student at Loma Linda University’s Nutrition and Dietetics Department.

Seek, Reap, KEEP: Keeping the People Jesus Died For! by Dan Smith
Developing a culture that keeps the vast majority of all new members, baptisms or transfers in the kingdom until they walk through the gates of heaven!

Social Justice and the Image of God, by Jessie Lopez
Social justice stems from the heart and character of God and is seen throughout scripture. Together we will highlight examples of social justice from both the Old and New Testaments. If you ever questioned whether social justice should take place in the church, then this seminar is for you. You will learn basic terms of social justice and will be examining issues of oppression, privilege and discrimination in our local community. Leaving this seminar you will have the basic tools needed to start engaging your community and local churches in becoming centers of hope and justice.  

The Congregation as a Nurturing Body For Refugees & Immigrants, by Will & Peggy James
What would it take for your church to become a safe nurturing environment for refugees and immigrants?

The Power of Community Collaboration in Children’s Outreach, by Patty Marruffo
Learn how to coordinate “block party” events geared towards children in the community. You will learn how to partner with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. You will hear how churches can partner with public schools, non-profit organizations, and city governments to impact the kids in your community.    

Turning Your Interests Into Ministry, by Robin Park, Raul Hernandez
Have you ever thought about doing God’s work with the things that you would enjoy the most? This seminar helps you to bridge your neighbors/friends to your local church with one of the most natural ways of doing ministry.

Mobilizing your church to minister to public high school students, by Jerrold Thompson
Practical ideas on how to have a presence on public high school campuses that will build relationships with students.